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Today, more and more of your business is taking place online. In addition, law firms are storing more client data on the cloud than ever before. Not only do you have an obligation to protect your clients confidentiality in the courtroom, but you also have a legal and ethical, obligation to protect them from cyber threats. Don’t wait!

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Starting at only $500/month, our Cyber Security Serenity Plan protects your clients’ data, your license and your reputation.


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Service Subscription: “Serenity Plan” – Cyber Security for law firms

Starting at only $500 per month!

Solo Practice? We designed a plan for you, click here!

Based on the size of your firm, the Serenity Plan Monthly Subscription includes:

  • Yearly Cyber Threat Brief
  • Yearly Scheduled Level 1 Audit (Risk assessment)
  • Cyber Revolution, Inc. Law Firms Certification & review
  • Monthly 2 hours consultations (employee training & risk review)
  • 24/7 Emergency Customer Support
  • 20% discount on hourly rate for all work conducted
In addition to our “On-Demand Services”, we offer an option to enroll in our exclusive “Serenity Plan”.

This plan provides peace of mind and assurance that your IT security needs are being taken care of by the world-class experts at Cyber Revolution, Inc.

We also offer great Referral Incentives for All Clients:

Refer new business to us and you will receive a recurring commission of 5% of the total billed for the entire duration of the new business’s account
Receive the equivalent amount in free Cyber Revolution, Inc. services!


Protect Your Clients

IP: Protect your clients’ valuable patents and ideas

Corporate: Protect your clients’ sensitive financial, corporate and contractual information

Tax & Estate: Protect your clients’ confidential financial history and information

Protect Your License

Protect the reputation of your firm, your license and ensure a successful future. Data breaches will scare away existing and potential new clients.

Data breaches can expose sensitive internal and client confidential information

Protect Your Finances

Recovery can cost millions. PR, defense, and notification fees alone can become a huge financial burden.

The FTC is often suing corporations that fail to adequately protect customer information from data breaches.




By becoming certified and going through a cyber security awareness training and subsequent cyber threat brief, law firms will receive a certified seal for their office/website.


This is the first level and represents the stage where the firm has been training on cyber security issues and threats. It additionally illustrates that the firm has successfully conducted a Cyber Threat Brief with our cyber security experts.


This is the second level and represents the stage where the firm has passed the first level while successfully implementing critical recommendations, including protections and solutions that enable them to conduct business operations securely.


This is the third level and represents the final stage where the firm – additionally to successfully putting recommended protections and solutions in place – also consistently audit and receive regular training for employees thanks to our Cyber Security Serenity plan.

Our seals can be used to communicate to clients and regulators that your firm is aware of cyber security risks and has consequently established procedures and processes to limit their exposure and protect clients’ data.