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Having contributed extensively during the incipient stages of the PHP language, Nicolas Chaillan ( is one of the top recognized PHP security experts in the world. Our experts at Cyber Revolution, Inc. offer first-class PHP auditing services for any organization in the public or private sector.


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Nicolas Chaillan

Founder & Chief Information Security Officer

Nicolas Chaillan is a French technology serial entrepreneur, software developer, inventor and investor. Recognized as one of France’s youngest entrepreneurs, Chaillan founded his first company, WORLDAKT, at the age of 15.

Chaillan was a very early pioneer and contributor to the computer language PHP. He managed several modules and PECL extensions including SPPLUS and Cybermut, two French secure payment solutions and world premieres at that time. A top industry expert in cyber security, he has participated in multiple industry conferences and worked in close collaboration with governments and several fortune 500.

With over 16 years of experience as CEO, he is currently the Chairman of Cyber Revolution, Inc.


  • PHP Code Inclusion and Evaluation
  • Cross Site Request Forgeries (CSRF)
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
  • JavaScript vulnerabilities
  • Input filtering analysis
  • Session security

  • Shell execution
  • Output analysis
  • Denial of service analysis
  • header and SQL injection
  • Script security analysis
  • Dirty data analysis



We conduct a detailed assessment of your PHP developments, considering everything from optimizations to injections. We then analyze the threats and use our findings to design actionable controls and recommendations to implement.